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Again, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and it’s the first impression that really counts! When a potential buyer / renter surveys your home, they know within minutes whether it meets their needs or not. Nowadays this usually occurs when they see pictures of your home online. So make sure those pictures are picture perfect. But stick with reality. Self evident that tampering, retouching (except for brightness), falsification of pictures is a no go. Prepared your home as suggested in our checklist ? Ready to take pictures?


♦ should be taken during daytime on a sunny day. Clouds and rain will make the home look darker and less welcoming.

♦ Night time pictures should only be additional pictures to show an illuminated picturesque pool or view.

♦ Usually there should never be a car or a person or animal in any picture. There are exceptions though, for example if you want to show prospective buyers what it feels like living there.

♦ The minimum should be pictures showing the complete house (front- and backside), house entrance, the front- and backyard, the view and – if aplicable – garage / carport, pool, wood deck, entertaining area and whatever makes your home’s exterior so special. This also applies to exterior pictures of Condos / COOPs.


♦ Furnished homes: before taking interior pictures / showing your home clean up as much of your personal decoration as you can, like picture frames, collectibles, figurines, kids / dog / cat toys, fridge stickers. Prospective buyers / tenants like to imagine their own personal decoration in their new home, empty shelves make that imagination easier.

♦ Open all shutters / blinds / curtains if applicable. Turn on each and every light you have – even if you take pictures during daytime.

♦ Start taking pictures from your entrance door and walk your way through the entire home. Try the widest angle as possible (no zoom). Don’t overturn your camera, keep it at eye level.

♦ The minimum should be pictures from the entrance door to the inside, kitchen, each and every bedroom and bathroom, balcony / patio if applicable and the view from your family room.

♦ Kitchen tip: the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home. The kitchen should be clean, no dirty dishes, no fridge stickers, no loaded counter tops, no loaded garbage bags in the pictures.

♦ Bathroom tip: keep all toilet seat lids closed. Open shower curtain. Hang fresh towels. Store personal items like tooth-brush, hairbrush, feminin items. Neatly arrange soap dispenser and decoration like flowers, shells.

♦ Bedroom tip: store personal items and clothes, make beds, cover beds with comforters if applicable.

♦ Decoration tip: store as much of your personal decoration as possible. Instead place fresh flowers, plants, shells or other basic decoration.



Taking Pictures


no go pictures 1

no go pictures 3

Usually, when you work with a REALTOR®, your agent or a professional photographer is taking these pictures. Help them to show your home in the best light possible and prepare your home as suggested. In case you’re not happy with the pictures taken, ask your agent to take new ones.

To make sure that positive first impression is confirmed when potential buyers / renters drive by your home / visit your home for showing keep your home exterior and interior the same way it shows on the pictures.