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Here you can find rentals in Broward County that allow pets. Select the area you're interested in and see all pet friendly rentals in that area. For pet restrictions see the details page of the rental you are interested in, scroll down to "Property Features" - there you can find the details regarding "Pet Restrictions". What they mean:

No Dogs: only cats allowed, no dogs
No Cats: only dogs allowed, no cats
Maximum 20 lbs: dogs allowed up to 20 lbs
More Than 20 lbs: dogs any size and weight allowed
None: no restrictions, cats allowed, dogs any size and breed allowed

Restrictions or Possible Restrictions: this is where it get's tricky. Read the details of the rental description carefully. It might say "no aggressive breeds" or name certain breeds that are not allowed or it might say "only one dog allowed". If you don't find anything like this in the description, contact me! In that case the landlord decides on a case to case basis if he allows a certain dog. And you can only find out by contacting your realtor.

If your pup is of any so called aggressive breed or if you have more than one dog you would be well advised if you contact me even before you start your search. As a dog friendly and experienced realtor I know how to evaluate the Restrictions and read between the lines.




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