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As potential buyers have seen it on the pictures,

present your home well taken care of, warm and welcoming.


♦ Before you start showing your home, you need to decide what will be included in the sale. If you want to take your Miele washer and dryer and your Sub-Zero refrigerator with you, tell your agent and serious buyers before negotiations start.

♦ Tip: before showing your home have a garage sale to dispose of any unwanted items.

♦ If you’re planning to move around the same time you’re selling your home, try to arrange showings while the furniture is still in the house. Try to avoid showings while you have piles of boxes and packing paper around in every room. Packed boxes should be out of sight (neatly stacked in garage if possible).

♦ Carpeting should be vacuumed throughout the house and kitchen floor cleaned the day your home is being shown.

♦ Check each and every room and garage if clean and tidy.

♦ Store clothes, kid’s and pet’s toys. Don’t forget to check the exterior / pool / yard for toys including bikes, skateboards etc. and store if necessary.

♦ Store personal bathroom items.

♦ Make sure all toilet lids are closed.

♦ Fresh towels should be in the bathrooms at all times.

♦ Valuable property should be out of reach, out of sight or locked away.

♦ Check kitchen for dishes in sink – clean and store if necessary.

♦ Empty each and every garbage bag.

♦ Open all shutters / blinds / curtains.

♦ Turn on lights in each and every room. Check all lights and exchange defect light bulbs if necessary.

♦ Put deodorizers in each room and closet.

♦ Place fresh flowers / plants.

♦ Turn on air condition to comfortable temperature. Don’t make potential buyers feel uncomfortable and rush out of your home due to too cold / too hot temperature.

♦ Turn television sets off. Turn on a radio with soft music at low volume.

♦ Keep pets away from potential buyers and keep pet areas clean.

♦ Park your car(s) out of sight / not in drive way nor in garage.


♦ While your home is being held open, arrange to spend the time away from the house, especially if you have small children. If this is not possible, go for a walk, visit a neighbor, or keep children quiet when your home is being shown to prospects.

♦ If you prefer to stay in your home during showings pick a room and settle down. When buyers stop to preview that room you may leave, but it's not necessary. If there's a room you should NOT be in, it would be the kitchen. Buyers generally spend more time in the kitchen as they evaluate cabinets, counter space, appliances etc.

♦ Discretely remain away from the buyers. As helpful as you wish to be, your presence might be intimidating. Buyers need to be able to discuss the home freely with one another. And the agent needs to learn from them how they're responding to your home. Your presence can limit that free communication.♦ If you are asked any questions about the neighborhood, schools, etc., answer pleasantly. However, avoid becoming engaged in a conversation. Questions regarding terms of sale should be referred to your agent.

Let the pro work. As much as you love your home, don't be tempted to do the agent's job. Keep in mind: you're not selling your home, you're selling a house to make it the buyer's home.